Interior Design For Beginners

Although it takes years to become an interior design expert, some few tips at hand can help you decorate like a pro in just a few minutes.

To begin with, start with selecting a color scheme. Here, some knowledge of color balancing comes in handy. When selecting the color scheme, have in mind how equally the visual distribution is. The balance can be:

  • Symmetrical
  • Asymmetrical
  • Radial

A good way to balance a room visually is by placing some heavy objects in the room or several light objects. One way to know how to select between objects that are visually heavy is by going for brighter, larger, complexly shaped or high textured ones.

Use color schemes that unify different spaces. One perfect way to obtain this is by using a color that has shades, sizes, shapes and textures that vary. Also create a rhythm with your colors by:

  • Repeating patterns when decorating. You can use one color for different objects such as pillows, rugs and paintings. This is an example of repetition.
  • Progression is another key principle in creating a rhythm. For example, set up a group of candles that have varying lengths and sizes.
  • Contrast your décor by using opposite elements such as white and black pillows.
  • Create transitions using doorways that are arched or winding pathway.

Also, put emphasis on things that draw attention like highlighting a particular piece of artwork or a unique piece of furniture. Another good way to create a focal point is by grouping furniture, large objects or even unusual objects in one place.

Don’t forget to be proportional when decorating. Use small furniture in small rooms and vice versa. You can also use plates that have the same pattern or shape as the table they are on.


When decorating a room, leave some white space to avoid a disorderly feel and look. Use color to impact emotions and incorporate vintage furniture. There are many interior designers in london to learn from and get inspiration.

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